Contact me to talk about Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Join Jesus Christ to be saved.

Get in touch with Jesus Christ to be freed from all the power of darkness.

Approach Christ through the Bible

Make contact with Jesus Christ through prayer, praise and worship, biblical meditation and Bible studies every day and intercession without forgetting any kind of good work.

This is how you can contact Jesus Christ.

You can reach Jesus Christ in many ways.

You can contact Jesus Christ by reading the Bible every day.

You can get in touch with Jesus Christ by listening to the Gospel of Christ and Christian music, etc.

This is how I want you to contact meIMG_6706_pp photo
You can contact me in many ways.
You can contact me by phone: 0034 564 700
You can contact me by email:
YouTube: octave ngoma luti

If you want to ask me a question, ask: I want to answer you.
If you want to write to me, write to me, I want to answer you.
If you want to make a comment on my YouTube channel, it is obvious that you take care of the emotional impact of others who do not think like you to avoid tears and conflicts.

Faiz your opinion with kindness and truth without hurt,
If you want to join me, it is important that you pay respects.
It is true that there is freedom of expression, just as it is true that the freedom of some people stops where others begin, in any case, they contact me with respect.
If you want to be treated with care and indulgence, pay attention to others.
Treat yourself with caution and attention, make your comment with grace and love.
Whatever you want men to do for you, do the same for them, because it is the law and the prophets.(Matthew 7.12).